The School of Mud

The School of Mud is about teaching skills, sharing knowledge and raising awareness and appreciation of earth building.

We run workshops and training events to suit everyone, from school based projects and on site training, to CPD events and public workshops. We are also working with national and international agencies to develop standards and qualifications for earth building.

We can help you realise a project, large or small, inside a classroom, on a building site or in the woods. We have a wide range of experience and a willingness to collaborate and be resourceful with local needs and natural materials.


Children of all ages (and some adults too) love making dens, playing with soil, creating stories, mark making and exploring nature. This is what we do at the School of Mud, including curriculum based projects in schools, outdoor learning, and therapeutic earth art projects.

Learning about earth building can help you understand geological processes, soil science and mineralogy, global cultures and traditions, ecological principles and sustainable technologies, geometry and mapping, expressive arts and respect for our planet and each other.

Creating with earth and natural materials can fire the imagination, bridge the artificial divide between science and art, and create a holistic approach to learning and knowledge.

Training and Workshops

I have been lucky to learn about earth building from many skilled craftspeople both here and abroad and I am keen to pass on my knowledge and experience to others.

Rebearth can deliver workshops, training courses and one to one instruction, on site or in a training establishment. We have worked with builders, students, apprentices, building professionals and house owners. We are currently training stonemasons in the use of earth materials.

As a project officer for Earth Building UK and Ireland (EBUKI) we are also working within various national and international partnerships to establish training standards and qualifications for earth structures and finishes. This development work is vital for both the recognition and upkeep of our earthen heritage and for our ability to use earth widely in new construction.

Earth Building Demonstrations

EBUKI, in collaboration with the French earth building organisation Craterre, have developed a method of introducing earth construction via a series of practical experiments.

As project officer for EBUKI I am delighted to offer these table top demonstrations as a mobile event, suitable for schools, colleges, workshops and training places.

The experiments have been developed with great skill to meet a wide range of audiences from young children to professionals. Get in touch if you would like to know more.