Building and Finishes

I began my career repairing old vernacular buildings but it became evident that these same techniques could have modern applications in beautiful and durable structures and finishes. Earth techniques in combination with other natural materials create healthy, comfortable living spaces with good air quality, low carbon emissions and minimal waste.

As well as carrying out new build and earth plasters we can advise on the most appropriate techniques, materials and details for a particular project. If you want a complete design service we work in close partnership with Arc Architects in Fife.

Home/Office Fife

Our home and office in Fife is our base for practical research and experimentation where we continually develop our expertise.

We use a range of materials and methods to suit different locations, from earth block (adobe) internal walls for thermal mass, mudwall (cob) heated benches and radiators, clay/hemp insulated walls, a mud-block stair case, clay/hemp plasters and heated earth floors, all within a green oak timber frame.

Once you have lived in a building made of earth there is no going back….

Earth Plasters

Earth plasters are the most accessible way to bring beautiful and healthy finishes into a home, office or commercial space. Made with clay, sand and natural fibres they can be applied to many different backgrounds and crafted in a variety of smooth, textural or decorative effects.

As Scotland’s only specialists in earth finishes we have developed a range of fine clay plasters using local sands, shells, feathers and objects such as leaves and flowers to reflect the landscape, season and geology of a place. We can also create sculptural effects with tooling, carving and layering, particularly suited to furniture or relief work.

The artistry of raw earth based on ancient traditions opens up infinite possibilities for interior design and we are passionate about working in this exciting and growing field.

Community Building

We have particular expertise working with local communities, schools and nurseries to create shelters, outdoor classrooms, and small healthy buildings with natural materials.

In Letham, Fife we worked with the Secret Garden Outdoor Nursery and local community to design and build this mudwalled park shelter, a project that was fun and accessible for all ages and abilities.

The School of Mud at Rebearth can provide the training and support you need to realise your muddy ambitions.